Thank you folks!

24 Jan

I cannot pretend that I am not pleased. The good folks at The Jalebi Chronicles have listed my blog among the 10 Indian Blogs You Must Follow. We are living in times where it is important to blow your own trumpet to be heard and I am clearly blowing mine till my lungs are emptied of the last bit of air. I derive confidence from the fact that as readers of my blog, you have put up with worse things in the past, and I am sure you will bear with me yet again.

I am grateful to all my readers and to the young and sassy team at the Jalebi Chronicles (yes, I looked you up and unless your pictures are airbrushed heavily, you all look really young) for encouraging me to write better, if not more often.

I must mention that this blog would not have been possible without the silent support of Olly, my geriatric shih tzu who struggles to wait up with me on those nights when I blog till the cows mosquitos come home. It must be mentioned that it is very disheartening when he  passes out within twenty minutes of us being alone and as I write to the sound of the soft humming of his snores, I wonder  if this is the best that I inspire out of people (dogs are people too, you know?).

Being on this list, is therefore, all the more meaningful to me as it has proven that Olly’s reaction to my writing is in no way an indication of the effect my blogs have on people.

Before I sign off, I also want to mention that I love my kids, my parents, my husband and my sister Kaveri whose unfailing commitment to alcohol is legendary. As I have clarified in my earlier posts, my sister is not a dipsomaniac or a recovering alcoholic but just a really smart Diageo executive who would like nothing better than for me to endorse her spirits. If she could have her way, she would even make me sign my ‘will’ off with a Johnnie Walker – Keep Walking.

So even though it makes no sense here, and I would rather be asking you to Keep Reading, I just have to say Keep Walking, you lovely people.

And here’s the link:


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